Eleven nations around the world still consume pet meat like rat, dog, cat, insect,… it’s likely weird food for most of us but they will love to consume it.  The countries are China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Arctic and Antarctic and two cantons in Switzerland.

  • China: Although the Chinese were the very first to domesticate the dog and stay them as pets, canine meat has been a source of meals from a minimum of the moment of Confucius, and perhaps even prior to.
  • Indonesia: Consuming pet dog meat is generally related to people from the Batak Toba society, that prepare a conventional dish named Saksang that is like a dog-meat stew.
  • Mexico: Pet dogs were historically reproduced for their meat by the Aztecs. These canines were called Itzcuintlis, and were typically pictured on pre-Columbian Mexican pottery.
  • Philippines: In the capital city of Manila, the regulation particularly restricts the killing and selling of pet dogs for food other than in certain conditions including study and animal population control.
  • Polynesia: Canines were historically eaten in Tahiti and various other islands of Polynesia at the time of first European get in touch with in 1769.
  • Taiwan: Dog meat in Taiwan is specifically consumed in the winter months, especially black dogs, which are believed to aid maintain body heat.
  • Korea: Gaegogi actually suggests ‘pet meat’ in Korean. Gaegogi, however, is typically mistaken as the term for Korean soup made from pet dog meat, bosintang. The abhorrence really felt by dog enthusiasts, specifically from the West, has made this dish quite debatable.
  • Switzerland: Baseding on a Swiss paper report in 1996, the Swiss country cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen are recognized to have had a custom of consuming dogs, treating pet meat into bouncy and sausages, along with making use of the lard for medicinal objectives.
  • Vietnam: Canine meat is consumed throughout Vietnam. To several Northerners, it is a well-liked, if fairly expensive, dinnertime dining establishment dish.
  • Arctic and Antarctic: Pet dogs have actually historically been an emergency food source for different peoples in Siberia, Alaska, north Canada, and Greenland. Sled pets are often maintained for drawing sleds, yet periodically are consumed when no other meals is readily available.

dog meat

*** dog meat after process, selling in Vietnam, it consumes with lemon grass, herbal leaves, lemon, pine apple, young banana and the famous smelly prawn paste


rat meat

rat bbq is selling in Vietnam and it considered a high nutritious food according to local people.